Summer and Patrick were brought in by the building's owners in mid-2014 to design and develop a gorgeous event space from top to bottom, including all interior design and direction, materials, colorways, etc, complete branding and art direction, and venue pricing, policies, and management. 


Honoring a legacy

It was important to us to stay true to the roots of this historic building and its original tenants, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, so we highlighted the IOOF flag artwork as a backdrop, had the original maple floors refinished, and kept all the interior additions true to the era.


Creating a new identity with a nod to the past

To pay homage to longtime use of the space by the Portland Police Athletic Association and as a token of appreciation for its iconic 'PPAA' neon sign, we named the venue Portland Assembly. We would keep the old sign and use its likeness in our branding, dimming the outside "P" and "A" so it represented its new name. 


Lighting Design

We were excited to tear the drop ceiling off to expose the true height and expanse of the ballroom, and in doing so, knew we needed to create some incredible chandeliers to highlight them. We brought together our friends at Cedar & Moss and glassblower Bryan Jablonski to bring to life our concept.